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Support Shapes Communities and Future

We're Local. 

When you donate to the USGBC Florida Chapter, you are helping your local community. The educational programming we provide on a monthly basis throughout the Sunshine State attracts local people who are concerned, just like you are, about sustainability, conservation, resiliency and green building. They use that knowledge to improve the world around them, which means it improves your world, too. Our USGBC Florida Chapter can provide that education because of the generosity of individuals and companies that sponsor programs and our nonprofit organization.

When it comes to advocacy, we are focused on the people and issues that mean the most to our area. We talk to mayors, city council members, planning boards, state representatives, school boards, principals, and more – all of whom can have an impact on where you live, work, learn and play. Our efforts are made possible because people like you and the companies you work for take the time to let us know what concerns them, and they back those efforts with their financial support.

Be Part of an Organization that Transforms Markets 

We are proud to partner with best-in-class partners who share our passion and values. Support from corporations and individuals has made the Chapter the leading green-building organization in Florida concerned with making change in the built environment for positive environmental impact.

USGBC Florida's
Partnership Packet

We provide great value, meaningful recognition, and a rewarding partnership for our supporters. The benefits outlined in our Partnership Packet demonstrate how we accomplish this value. If you are interested in a customized package, please let us know

We invite your participation and look forward to working with you to shine a bright spotlight on your support of USGBC Florida. 

We're Inclusive. 

When you donate to the USGBC Florida Chapter, you are creating a sustainable future for generations to come. AND it’s more than that.

Social equity is a tenant of our organization. We work to ensure that ALL people have clean air to breath and clean water to drink in their homes, schools, offices -- anywhere we live, work, learn and play. We believe that ALL individuals should experience the benefits that green building has to offer. We are concerned that the poor, disabled and disenfranchised have the same opportunities for a healthy environment that others do.

The themes are simple. Our kids deserve better. Where they learn matters. Your support can help us expand the USGBC's Green Schools program and Green Apple Day of Service to even more schools and communities. We partner with school boards, principals, teachers, teacher associations, student groups, students, parent organizations and parents to help them improve their surroundings through green-building and sustainability practices.

We're Balanced. 

When you donate to the non-partisan, solution-oriented USGBC Florida Chapter, your donation supports an organization with a belief in the Triple Bottom Line.

Just like you, we are concerned about conservation and sustainability. And, just like you -- but unlike many other environmental organizations -- we don’t stop there. We are just as concerned about social and economic impact. We believe in a healthy and dynamic balance between environmental, social and economic prosperity. You can be assured that the solutions are impactful, practical and feasible. Our actions are made with integrity and concern for the bigger picture. People. Profit. Planet.

The Triple Bottom Line is one way we distinguish ourselves from the organizations that do similar work. It’s one of many reasons why you should choose to support the USGBC Florida Chapter.

Your Contribution is Critical!

Without financial support, we cannot produce the essential, high-quality programming and advocacy initiatives necessary to our State. Charitable gifts, large and small, make a huge difference to our organization.

Truly, philanthropic support is an investment in greatness, providing the means for value-added impact. Please consider helping the USGBC Florida Chapter reach our goals by making a tax-deductible donation. Whether it's for personal gratification or for the purpose of demonstrating corporate responsibility, your donation will make you feel great about being a part of the solution.

The US Green Building Council Florida Chapter is a nonprofit (501[c][3]) organization. Contributions to the Chapter are deductible for Federal income-tax purposes to the extent allowed by law. The Chapter reserves the right to refuse donations that are not in the best interests of the Chapter.
Thank you for your support!


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